"Big Silvers Training Video" is a Matia episode from season one. The episode consists of a training video that Matia supposedly receives when Mr. Rabbit hires her..



This episode consists of the content shown on the Big Silvers' training video for new employees. The tape talks about the history of the restaurant, from its founding to the present day. The tape also gives instructions on how to keep the workplace clean, and how to have good hygiene. Matia herself is the subject of the training, and throughout the episode is very eager to learn how to make a shrimp, asking to several times throughout the course of the episode but being denied repeatedly. The episode ends with Matia finally being told the formula. The author begins to say "The secret formula is-" before the episode ends extremely abruptly.


Muffin: (who has just walked into the Big Silvers) Who said that?! Are you a ghost?!

Author: Like precious, precious blood in an animal, the customer is what makes the Big Silvers strong and alive.

Muffin: Maria, your ceiling is talking to me!

Maria: Are you going to order something or make friends with the paneling?

Maria: Muffin, if I could make a suggestion, why don't you order a Big Shrimp?

Muffin: Great idea, Maria! One Big Shrimp, please.

Maria: (sighs) Is that for here or to go? (Quickly covers mouth)

Muffin: Umm...

(Muffin continues saying "Um" while Maria bangs her head on the cash register)

White Bomberman: I would like to order-(cut off)

Author: Do you think he'll order: A. A sofa, B. An expensive haircut, or C. A shrimp? (this section was edited to make sense to anyone)

Author: And now, you get to make, with your very own hands, the scrumptious, lip-moistening, spine-tingling, heart-stopping pleasure center that is the Big Shrimp! Are you ready? (Matia nods furiously) Are you SURE?! (Matia nods furiously) OKAY! The secret formula i- (episode ends mid-sentence)

Author: Remember, no one wants to be Maria.

Author: And now, for your next lesson, Interfacing with your father.

Matia: Dad, can I have a raise?

Mr. Rabbit: No.

Author: Good job, Matia!

Matia: Can I make a shrimp no-(cut-off)

SSF: Klasky-Csupo! (deleted in 2011)


  • When this video released, it had the Klasky-Csupo, 4Kids, DiC, and A.k.a Cartoon logos instead of KittySis Inc. and corrected in 2011. This is also a sixth Matia video that has a wrong logo.
  • This video marks the first use of Mr. Rabbit's first name, Hans.
  • According to Super Jump Punch! special features, this video is one of the most popular in the series.
  • When in the office and Matia says "Can I make a shrimp now?", they cut her off before she could finish the word "now" and they went on to Muffin.
  • FECES stands for Fella Extends Ciana's Exterminated Seats.
  • The graph, which shows the financial performance of the Big Silvers has the axis featuring the profits inverted, so the Big Silvers' profits are actually going down.
  • When the author talks to Muffin-Chan, she thinks its the ceiling, which might be considered a fourth wall break, considering that she was talking about the author.
  • The sign in the bathroom written in English ("Please, wash your hands") is a similar sign found in public stores like Wal-Mart.
  • The music playing during the still shots of The Big Silvers being shown is the first part of Survivor's Eye of the Tiger song.
  • The ant that yells "Waaahh!" is been seen on the fan art in deviantART and FurAffinity various times.
  • At the very end of the episode, the author says, "the Big Shrimp secret recipe is--", then the scene is cut off. It was probably because she didn't want the viewers to know what the secret recipe is. Or maybe Red Bomber from Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden was the author. Or maybe the writers couldn't think of one yet. Or maybe Red Bomber might be watching this.
  • Toji Bomber is seen in the bootleg LEGO set.
  • This marks Toji Bomber's first appearance, as he dressed himself as a B-Daman Bakugaiden-style Bomberman in this video.
  • When the cash register, straw, and ketchup packs begin to spin around, causing Matia's eyes to follow them, her nose is much shorter during the close-up.
  • When Matia is seen in 'Personal Hygiene', much soap appears, but there was never actually a soap bar.
  • Toji's voice is high piched in the episode. making him sound like Bomberman.
  • Muffin and Maria are gone from the cash register when Mr. Rabbit kicks Toji out of the Big Silvers.
  • At the begining, the author says the store closes at 9:00 PM, but it's a resturant!
    • Those who have worked in a restaurant will know that it is considered a store.

Music IdentificationEdit

  • Beeps - Title card
  • The World of Home - "Welcome aboard, gentlemen! If your watching this video then let me be the first to say... congratulations!"
  • Kanji on the Loose - The concept of "FECES" is explained.
  • Boom! - "Personal Hygiene" segment
  • Wow - "Remember, no employee wants to be rabbit like Maria!"; Maria gets caught being unorganized.
  • Eye of the Tiger by Survivor- Montage of still photos of the Big Silvers; closing credits music.
  • Klasky-Csupo 1998's soundtrack - The SSF appeared (This was an error; it was corrected in 2011.)