The New Super Jump Punch! Logo.

Super Jump Punch! is a comic/manga/book company that is founded in Ausgust 16, 2010 by Crystal Franks and is a joint venture between Nintendo, Toei Animations, SEGA, Capcom, Taito, Namco-Bandai, Hudson Soft, Konami, Shonen Jump, and mostly Nickeodeon and Viacom. It was used to make comics, mangas, books, and art that are free of profanity, blood, gore, violence, nudity, sexual themes, tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. However, a few comics that did have profanity and other stuff in it are accompanied by the "Tabicon" symbol. Younger children under 18 should avoid these comics that has the Tabicon symbol on it. All non-Tabicon comics and books are free ad safe for young children, however. Also, all non-Tabicon comics are educational, so certain characters in the comic can teach younger kids about social and life skills related to health, such as a death of the parent, Asperger's syndrome, cancer, and other health threats. All comics are related to the Japanese anime relationships in the big base, and most comics features certain alien and anthropomorphic animal characters. Some comics feature characters from the video game and the anime/manga series as well. They also attracted to inflation, furry fandom and fat mostly, and some attracts other fetishes, such as vomiting and Omorashi. It was sold to $1,000 worldwide. Crystal couldn't own her company until she had enough money to purchase, but she may ask her parents first.

Television BlockEdit

Super Jump Punch! also had its own Saturday morning block on CBS. It mainly used for educational processes and produces several American-Japanese animes based on the comics and books such as Dizauki Dragon and Rodent Brothers. It also airs cartoon shows from Nickelodeon and Nicktoons Network, as well other shows based on video games and the anime such as Super Mario Saga and Mega Man's Superstar Six. Sometimes, it even airs shows that are produced by PowerLight Studios as well. Crystal has not started this channel until she was asking her parents about her company, channel, and money. There also a preschool programming block called Super Jump Junior, and a late-night adult-oriented programming block called Super Jump Adult Station.

Video GamesEdit

Video games are usually illegal on hacks and fangames, but uses several things that isn't necessary. Illegal games included:

  • Super Luigi 64, a modified version of Super Mario 64.
  • Pokémon Purple, a modified version of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Version.
  • Superstar Six, a modified version of the other Mega Man fangame called "Mega Man: Day in the Limelight".

These are considered to be ROM hacks and modified fangames. In order to create a fangame, you must created it from scratch. 'Nuff said.


The Super Jump Punch! cards mainly produces several Pokémon cards (as well as other anime-based cards) to promote the world's events. These cards were held every July during the events of the same day. Crystal doesn't start this until now.

Fan ArtEdit

Super Jump Punch! also release a large quantity of fan arts spreading across the internet several times, including those found in devinatART, SheezyART, and FurAffinity. Its gallery consists of inflation, vomiting, bloated cheeks, Super Smash Brothers, Bomberman, Mega Man, and others! It sometimes show other characters from the anime, such as those from Luckyman. On rare cases, it even shows American cartoon art such as those from Chalkzone.