"Super Conversion" is the 15th episode of Super Smash Brothers.


While on a mission, Mario and Peach spot Eggman's Meta-bot and also spot Mario's Uncle Jake working on the Meta-bot. Trying to get to his uncle, Mario sneaks toward him but Bowser and Eggman spot him. Bowser orders Eggman to activate the Meta-bot and when Mario was close, he gave chase. Mario then tried to outrun the flying bot (which carrying Peach) but the mech nearly caught up to him but Mario managed to pull out a stone and escape. Angered, Eggman claimed that Bowser "lied" about being able to outrun Mario. When Bowser tried to reason with him, he asked him "what color is my heart?", to which Bowser claimed that he couldn't see one. In Netfree City, Luigi tries to sneak past a (seemingly) sleeping Bomberman, but the boy stops him, telling him that Mario and the others are working on something and didn't want to be disturbed. Inside, Peach activates the De-Roboticizer to change Kris back to her normal, organic self. This was a success and Mario runs off to the Lake of Mushrooms to get a stone before he goes to Mubitropolis to free his uncle. Peach warns him that they don't know how long the effects will last, but Mario doesn't listen and runs off. Once at Mubitripolis, Mario slips his backpack with the stone in with Jake's tools. Picking it up, Jake regains is free will and follows Mario back to Netfree so he can be de-Roboticized. Peach tries to De-roboticize him, but as SUZIE states, there is a malfunction and Jake is stil a robot, and to make matters worse, Eggman's programming kicks in and the Power Fighters are forced to put him in a cage.


  • Mario: Mario doesn't give up! (in Mubitropolis) I give up! Take me to his royal dopey-ness!

  • Bomberman: NOT a word, Mario! I've had a rough time!

  • Bowser: Oh please. Something is rotten in Harlan... where ever that is.

Key EventsEdit

  • Mario manages to free his uncle from Eggman's control.
  • Kris and Jake are temporarily de-roboticized.
  • Jake is now a spy for the Power Fighters.


  • Jake mentions some of the contents inside Metaslime.
  • This episode marks the first time Bomberman and Peach appear at the same time in the episode.