Mubitropolis is the fictional capital city of the equally fictitious planet Mubix. It appears in the comic book series published by TheShinyMew Comics.

Comic bookEdit


In these two continuities, Mubitropolis had once been ruled by the House of Mushroom, until King Toadstool had been dethroned by his treacherous War Minister, Konan the Turtle, who later adopted the sinister moniker of Bowser. Konan was a trusted advisor of the ruler during the Hidden War, but was evil at heart. The king was sentenced to exile in the Zone of Silence along with the kingdom's wizard, Ganondorf. As soon as Konan, who had now renamed himself as "Bowser" took over, he and Dr. Eggman roboticized roughly 85% of the city's population. The city was then rechristened Rudotropolis. The remaining percent managed to escape to Netfree in the Great City.

Rudotropolis was the seat of Bowser's power, acting as his empire's capital city. After numerous engagements against the Netfree Power Fighters, Bowser was eventually killed by his own weapon, the Ultimate Annihilator (due to tampering from his son Bowser Jr.). The Mubians then retook the city and began the tedious task of restoring the city to its former glory. However, the arrival of an alternate universe version of Bowser (now calling himself Super Bowser) spelled disaster for Mubitropolis. Bowser was able to retake the city with relative ease, distracting the Power Fighters by leading them to his satellites in orbit, while launching hordes of robotic Koopa Troopas to reclaim the city. When the Mubians returned to Netfree, Bowser rechristened the city Rudotropolis.

Rudotropolis was later destroyed in a nuclear strike by Station City. The harmful fallout is currently kept within the former site of the city by a shield originally designed to protect the city. When Bowser pitted Eggman and against Metal Sonic, a holographic recreation of Rudotropolis became their battleground.

New MubitropolisEdit

Mubitropolis was later reborn when MICHELE transformed the 'city' created by Taboo's nanites into a picture-perfect recreation christened 'New Mubitropolis'. During the rescue of the Power Fighters from the Grape Chamber, MICHELE redirected Taboo's teleportation beam to send the 'recaptured' heroes to New Mubitropolis. The future of the new city is uncertain however, as it is presently being threatened by the same Fleet that laid waste to Netfree. As if that weren't enough, Solana Mario soon led a rebellion against the House of Mushroom due to the ineptitude of ts war efforts, resulting in a conflict that pitted Mario against Sonic the Hedgehog, the plumber supporting Luna and the hedgehog siding with him. Fortunately, it was quickly resolved by the efforts of Daisy, who sat Luna and Kotai down and convinced them to talk out their problems. The end result was a new governing council headed by Luna, with six other elected members joining him in making decisions for the Kingdom.

New Mubitropolis was constructed with a massive array of holo-projectors to allow MICHELE to maintain her holographic form indefinitely. Other features of the completely computerized city are a defense system revolving mainly around energy shields, which when fully powered can even withstand the firepower of the Fleet. The city also has teleportation technology, which MICHELE can use to send individuals from one place to another, which she demonstrated by sending Pac-Man, Bomberman, Mega Man, Roll, Cream the Rabbit, and Solana Mario to a high-tech prison after the successful rescue of Netfree's former inhabitants. Presumably, as the controlling intelligence of the city, MICHELE also has virtually unlimited power within its boundaries.

Castle MushroomEdit

The home of King Luna and the rest of the Royal Family, and the meeting place for the new Mushroom Council - the members of which include Link, Zelda, Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede - following Solana Mario's uprising. All the counselors have offices and living quarters within the castle, though the latter are optional use. The castle occupies a central position in the heart of the city and is one of the two largest structures next to the Supermarket.

Civic CenterEdit

A gathering place for the citizens of New Mubitropolis, the civic center is used for both small scale public meetings and for conferences of all the citizens.

King ToadstoolEdit

Named for a previous ruler of the Mushroom monarchy, the King Toadstool is the primary aviation center for New Mubitropolis. It features two runways in a parallel configuration (one fitted with a ski jump-like structure at the end), and an underground hangar. Every aircraft, from Tails' Tornado to the Power Fighter Special plane is stored here, ready to launch at any time.

Allia Memorial GardenEdit

A garden built in honor of Peach's mentor Allia.

Lake of MushroomsEdit

The Lake where the Super Mushrooms are formed.


Perhaps the most valued structure in the city, the library contains many records that were destroyed with the original Mubitropolis but were restored by MICHELE. All material can be viewed on computers or, for the more old-fashioned knowledge seekers, in books.


New Mubitropolis' market district is an area where the citizens grow their own food and sell it amongst themselves. Craftsmen of all kinds are also present, making and selling whatever the citizens may require in terms of material goods.

Power PlantEdit

The New Mubitropolis power plant handles the vast energy supplies required to power the nanites and keep the city running. It does this by siphoning off nuclear radiation from the remains of Rudotropolis and purifying it into a safe energy source, cleaning up a blight on the Mubian landscape in the process.


The New Mubitropolis Prison is a highly advanced incarceration facility managed by MICHELE, the cells of which are kept secure by force fields. So far only six citizens have been imprisoned here: Pac-Man, Bomberman, Mega Man, Roll, Cream the Rabbit, and Solana Mario-the latter having been freed by Sonic.

Protective WallEdit

This large wall runs the entire perimeter of New Mubitropolis and can generate a powerful defensive energy shield able to neutralize any attack from outside the city, even from Bowser and Eggman's robotic army. One disadvantage of these shields is that the power required to run them at maximum strength requires that the holo-matrixes used to maintain MICHELE's holographic form be disabled until the crisis has passed.

New Army HeadquartersEdit

As the name implies, this facility is the nerve center of the New Army, with facilities for maintaining combat readiness and training new recruits. Commander Kotai heads the Secret Operations branch located on the top floors of the building.


Obviously, the New Mubitropolis school is a center of learning, meant to educate future generations while keeping them safe from the threat of Bowser and Dr. Eggman.

Science Center/ObservatoryEdit

Open to all scientific disciplines, the New Mubitropolis Science Center/Observatory is what keeps the Kingdom of Mushroom up to date with new technology, an essential with such advanced organizations as the Koopa Empire and the United Federation present on Mubix.

Memorial HospitalEdit

The New Mubitropolis hospital is named in honor of Power Fighter Nurse Joy, who gave her life to ensure the destruction of Taboo, and as a result unwittingly allowed New Mubitropolis to come into being. Home to one of the most advanced medical care on the planet, the hospital is overseen by Prof. Oak, former professor and a medical officer for Netfree City. New citizens are welcomed with the utmost care, and even the Power Fighters-such as Mario, Sonic, and Link, both of whom suffered from their time in the Grape Chamber-come here for their medical needs.

Jake's DinerEdit

Similar to the restaurants Mario's Uncle Jake ran in Netfree and in Old Mubitropolis, the diner has a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes it the most popular eatery in the city.


  • Mubitropolis is usually based on New York City.