A mirage flower (Japanese: ミラージュの花 Mirage Flower) is a crystalized flower that grows in and around the Stone of Time. It appeared in the movie, Ononokusu and the Mystery of Celebi.

It is unknown if they are actual flowers, or of the same type of living crystal that makes up the Stone of Time. It has the ability to record events and play them at a later date as a holographic image along with sound, if it is stimulated by the psychic power. In this way, they are almost like living time capsules or natural cameras. So far, the only ones known to be able to activate them are Jaden, Ononokusu, and Lucas.

==In the TCG==
The mirage flower appeared as a card in the Trading Card Game:

Name Rarity Set Set no.
Mirage Flower - Ononokusu and the Mystery of Celebi Set (no Japanese release) 015/020