Kris The White Mew
Kris is a spell-casting Pokémon character.
Debuts in Unknown
Befriended at Unknown
Species Missingno.
Gender Female
Ability Unknown
Nature Modest
Age 20
Likes Broccoli and spinach, bologna sausages, Jessie Jolteon, Casidy the Eevee, candy and ice cream, songs, magic, being inflated, dreaming of becoming the witch, cheerleading
Dislikes Peppers, being dead by explosion, Lime, cheaper stuff, embarrasing
Birthplace Castella City
Current location With Lime
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Kris the Mew (Japanese: ミュウは、クリス Kurisu za Mew, possibly born somewhere in 1990) is a fictional character in the Pokémon World franchise. She is the friend of Lime the shiny Jolteon. She is 21 now. Kris loves the techno music performed by the band "Psy Shockers", acts like a a typical teenage girl, and has a dream to become a witch in which she always casts spells to make other characters inflate or vomit.


Kris is a white Mew with white hair and Sonic-styled blue eyes. She commonly wears a green headband and has a red bow on her head and tail. The comic called Optimistic Models feature her with a light blue dress and a tiara on. Her gender is always female, unlike other Mew.


Kris's personality is that of the archetypal teenage girl. She is popular at school, and enjoys hanging out with others like her, shopping at the mall, talking about "who likes who," and keeping a good reputation in school as being cool. In early comics Kris seems to do things teenagers wouldn't normally do, such as tea parties, toys, and cry when things don't go her way, but later on, she starts acting more and more like a teenager as her character became more defined.


In the Pokémon Quiz fanfic, Lime says, "This is my friend Kris. She's a Mew, you see." , In "Boom!", it is shown that Kris has existed in the Mew family hundreds of years in the past. Kris has dreams of becoming a famous celebrity. In "Future Shock", Kris getting to go on stage is one of the main reasons Lime agrees to the idea of putting on a talent show at the Castella Reversal. Kris's act consists of a cheerleader's cheer spelling out the name of the Castella Reversal. Kris is also used as a back-up SkyMobile for "real" Lugia Man and Ho-Oh Boy movie created by Jessie in "Lugia Man and Ho-Oh Boy: Movie Maker", much to her disappointment. She attends Castella City High School. Her favorite band is an all-girls band called "Psyshockers" (a parody of Cascada, Nightcore and Kesha combined). At school, she is a member of the "Most Frequently Pictured in the Yearbook" commitee.

Kris has no interest in continuing the family restaurant business, largely due to her hatred of her friend and dreams of a more glamorous career. In "Go Kris!", Kris is brought in to help run the Castella Reversal, and turns it into a girly teen cafe called "The Cuddly Mew", which, despite appearing to be very popular, fails to bring in profits, prompting Lime to tell Jessie to fire Kris, which she has difficulty to bring herself to doing. Kris reveals that she has been trying to be fired from the beginning, and that the business has been cutting into her "social life."


Kris has had relationships in the past. She reveals she had a son named Zax the Mewtwo, but he dumped her. Since then, It has not been stated that she has had any other relationships with guys.


Although Lime is shown to care a decent amount for her in earlier comics, most notably in "Go Kris!", Kris's development into a stereotypical bratty teenage girl and Lime development into an extremely cheap guy have brought their relationship to negative terms, the first examples of which occur in season three but most evidently from seasons four onward. Lime is shown to be extremely neglectful of his friend, refusing to spend any money or effort on even such important occasions as her 20th birthday, which greatly hurts her social image with her peers. In "Slumber Party", he goes to great lengths to prevent her from having a slumber party alone with her friends entirely out of concern that they will damage his material possessions. However Kris is as wasteful with money as Lime is miserly with it. While Lime should have spent more on her birthday, Kris's list of demands for her birthday was more than any sane person would comply with, and when Kris received a pair of boots for her previous birthday her sobbing increased when Lime said he got them for a bargain.


When Kris first met Jessie, she began to like her. She helped Kris come up with new ideas for remodeling the Castella Reversal. Jessie also agreed with Kris about Vappy being "a stick in the sand". Kris's friendship with Jessie grew even more when he helped to "fake" fire her. But in the comic Optimistic Models, when Lime suggested Jessie as a new friend, she screamed at that choice, but was forced to make it. During the party, Jessie wrecked the party and made Kris cry, realizing that she failed, Jessie began to cry too. Then Kris made it up to Jessie by dancing with her, during which, she looked like she was having fun, but was thrown out afterward. When they got back to her house, she told Jessie that she knew it would be a total disaster, then hugged her. Later, in "Slumber Party", Kris showed strong dislike of Jessie, since she was sent to spy on them by Lime. When Jessie asked for one good reason why she shouldn't be in the party, Kris told her that she was just like Lime, "cheaper".


In the episode Optimistic Models Vappy and Kris have a few remarks between each other. Kris refers to Vappy as "Master Vap". Right after though Kris refers to Vaporeon as a "stick in the sand", which could ultimately mean Though Vappy and the Lime may be very friendly with each other, Kris still recognizes Vappy is grouchy.

Friends from Castella City HighEdit

When Kris's friends first appeared in Optimistic Models, they seemed to not want to taunt her about Jessie being her new friend but, in Kris' Birthday, they made fun of her about Lime throwing her cheap parties.

Moves usedEdit

Using Hydro Pump
Move First Used In
Psychic Go Kris!
Mirror Type Optimistic Models
Transform Lugia Man and Ho-Oh Boy: Movie Maker
Hydro Pump × The Grass' Always Greener
Metronome Oh, No You Don't!
Ancientpower Oh, No You Don't!
Dark Pulse Oh, No You Don't!
An × shows that the move cannot be legitimately learned by this Pokémon in the games.
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.


  • "LIME!"
  • "LIMEY!!!!!"
  • "No Lime, you really shouldn't have!"
  • "Wheeeeeeeeeee!"
  • " That's totally cool!"
  • "Jessie!"
  • "You are the cheapest Jolteon alive!"
  • "Lime was too cheap to buy real pizza."
  • "Like, that nose job is so cool!"
  • "I'm gonna be a movie star!"
  • "You hate me!"
  • "I'm gonna run away! Run away and find a new friend!"


  • In addition to this, Kris' neckace features a wide array of abilities, as seen in the various Nintendo All-Stars promotional fan arts. These abilities are usually manifested as a beam or ray. Various effects were created when Kris tested her necklace to perform on several video game characters such as Bomberman, Cheese the Chao, Lololo, Lalala, etc. These include several bizarre mutations and effects, such as causing the victim to transform, inflated , or to vomit.
  • In the beta fan art, Kris' coloring scheme and overall design was different from both her SatMS and Nintendo - Inflation Go! counterparts and her future appearance. The promotional fan art was not reproduced in the Jessie's Beginning trade paperback.
  • The promotional fan art is revealed that Kris gets a skill to throw a false teeth caused by spinach (spinach teeth). She also throws a bologna sausages with wings (flying bolognas), indicating that it is her favorite food.