Cute Mew
Kris is the one of the magical Pokémon in the world.
Debuts in Unknown
Befriended at Unknown
Species Missingno.
Gender Female
Ability Unknown
Nature Hardy
Age 10
Likes White Bomber, Musashi the Jolteon, Neekeezh the Echidna, Kakashi the Eevee, candy and ice cream, songs, magic, being inflated
Dislikes Broccoli and spinach, peppers, scary people and noises, crashing into stuff, being dead by explosion
Birthplace Treasure Town
Current location With White Bomber and Muasashi
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Kris the Mew (Japanese: ミュウは、クリス Kurisu za Mew), in some cases given the full title Princess Kris Alicia Chima, and also known as Kris, is a fictional character and a protagonist from the Nintendo: Inflation Go! series, and an avatar mascot for Crystal Franks. She created her in 2010 just for purpose.

Kris has a bond with Shirobon, and though she is younger than most of the other characters, being only 10 years old, she is not afraid to stand up for herself.


The character of Kris Chyma went through several apperance changes in the early fanart, however the final draft form of Kris is a female, anthropomorphic, humanoid Mew Pokémon. Kris has pink fur, a longer tail, a tuft of pink hair and blue eyes, and sports a Gracidea flower, Roserade's cape, Jolteon or Eevee's collar ruff, and wings of Entei. Kris had originally red hair and wears a Hawaiian dress, then blue hair and red wings.


When Kris' sister, Sally, found out that Chansey had said the egg finally hatched after defeating Primal Dialga. The baby Pokémon was a tiny female Mew, with a longest tail. She was very small and vulnerable, and needed special care to survive. Together with her assistant, an Axew named Ichigo, they were able to raise Kris to be happy and healthy. Sally went to her family for a few weeks so that they could welcome the new member of the family. Sakura loved her the most, and played fun games with her. Kris grew to love Sakura as well, and wanted to be just like her. So, at about age 5, she secretly stole the family's prized Mystery Orb centerpiece and transformed herself into a Sky Forme Mew. She was kicked out. Sally went back to Day Care business, and Kris went off to travel on her own...

After weeks of traveling from the Chima family's home in Gracidea (as well as weeks of important training), she had reached Treasure Town, where Sally works. Occasionally she'd see Sally, but never got much of a chance to talk to her because she was busy. But then she discovered Oran Forest...

She was so excited, the sights, the sounds...all the happy Poké was like a dream.

She didn't believe this was the place she was born.

She played around in Oran Forest, got her first taste of an Oran Berry, and there was even more to do when she discovered the hidden Star Temple...

Meanwhile, Kris used the berries she gathered in Oran Forest to buy a pretty Gracidea flower. The Gracidea flower held her right ear up. Somewhere along the way back she found a discarded Roserade cape, which she used to hide her rear. She found many things, such as the "wings" of Entei (used to put them on her back) and Eevee's collar ruff.

As Kris was traveling around, she explored Happy Outlook and walked into a small house. It happened to be the Monster House! More Pokémon knew about this sweet little Mew, so they attacked her.

Kris's constant injuries are actually quite bad in some situations---and Kris is never hesitant to give one out. Then, she leaves Treasure Town, and she meets many characters from other dimensions, such as meeting Shirobon.


Kris is a princess-like figure; she is polite, just, follows manners (and never forgets them) and does what she is told. She's very friendly and tries to be close to everyone she meets. She is brave as well, usually not afraid to go out on an adventure. She’s a bit naive however, and doesn’t always see things right away, since she’s still very young.

Kris enjoys spending most of her time outdoors. There, she likes to play with her friends, usually any activity they want, or collect flowers which she finds pretty and joyful. She loves adventures and exploring. Indoors, she enjoys watching TV and probably any games she can find. Her favorite food is ice cream.

She doesn't like any form of violence, abuse or fighting and only fights to protect the people she cares about. Like most of the characters in the Sonic series, she doesn't like Doctor Eggman and Bowser much either, but as custom, she is still somewhat polite to the doctor (at least before using Shirobon to smack him senseless). Although she doesn't like violence she will fight to help her friends.

Kris is a gentle, very kind, and caring girl, who's also a spirited go-getter. She's also is the youngest of the three Chima siblings.

Kris is revealed to have special powers to make anyone (especially Shirobon) to inflate like balloons, transform into blueberries, transform into special forms, and to vomit, but only on traditional accidents. She's also said to be invincible.

Moves usedEdit

Kris Hydro Pump
Using Hydro Pump
Move First Used In
Psychic At World's Beginning, Page 1
Hydro Pump × At World's Beginning, Page 6
Transform At World's Beginning, Page 6
Ancientpower At World's Beginning, Page 8
Metronome At World's Beginning, Page 11
Healing Wish × At World's Beginning, Page 15
Psycho Boost × A Little Echidna Goes A Long Way, Page 1
Mega Punch Dat's all, Folks! Page 1
Iron Tail Dat's all, Folks! Page 2
Aura Sphere Dat's all, Folks! Page 3
Fire Punch Dat's all, Folks! Page 4
Dark Pulse Dat's all, Folks! Page 12
Bubblebeam Go Musashi! Page 5
V-Create × Go Musashi! Page 7
Fusion Bolt × Go Musashi! Page 7
Fusion Flare × Go Musashi! Page 7
Dragon Tail Go Musashi! Page 9
Round Transforming Bomberman! Page 5
Scald Transforming Bomberman! Page 8
Synchronoise × Inflation Kingdom, Page 1
Reflect Type Inflation Kingdom, Page 4
Overheat Inflation Kingdom, Page 7
An × shows that the move cannot be legitimately learned by this Pokémon in the games.
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.


  • "I'm a big fan of yours, Air Man!" (Blows fan at Air Man)
  • "This isn't some video game you're playing!"
  • "'Cause I'm the sax-cymbal of this team, Shiro!"


  • She was sometimes referred to as "Crystal", her trademarked name. Additionally, she first appeared in the flash animation called Inflation Nation as a gag.
  • Kris's age is taken from At World's Beginning, Page 6, where it states her current age was 5. Since the issue canonically took place in the year 2009, two years ago, her current age would be 10.
  • When frightened or surprised, Kris often exclaims "My God!", implying that she may be religious.
  • This was copied from Sonic Wikia.

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