Inside-Out Boy
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Genre Animated television short
Created by Scott Webb
Will McRobb
Starring N/A
Country of origin USA
No. of episodes 5
Running time 30 seconds
Original channel Nickelodeon (1989-1993)
Nick Jr. (1995-1997)
Noggin (1999-2002)
TeenNick (2011-present)
Original run 1983 – 1993
Color 1 E24242
Color 2 ff6ca1

Inside-Out Boy is a claymation Nickelodeon short created by Scott Webb and Wil McRobb. It centers around with a boy who swung over the bar of a swing set after playing with his yo-yo. By a fateful accident, his body turned inside out, transforming himself into a superhero who had a superpower of grossing out adults (and making them scream and jump into the air in the process). He has to deal with kids who make fun of him. Like The Offbeats, it was aired as stand-alone shorts in between Nick's commercial breaks (formerly on Nickelodeon, on Nick Jr., on Noggin in 1999, and later on TeenNick's 2011 block The 90's Are All That), and was released on two 1993 Rugrats videos ("A Baby's Gotta Do What A Baby's Gotta Do" and "Tales from the Crib"). It was later released on three DVDs ("Chalkzone: The Adventures of the Amazin' River!", "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Best of Patrick Star" and "Big Time Rush: Big Time Shrimp") as the bonus short.


The short centers around with a boy who plays with his yo-yo. Then he looks at the swing, and he swung over the bar of a swing set. Suddenly, his body turned by an accident and becomes a superhero. He had a superpower of grossing (scaring) out adults, but the kids are immune to his appearance (except for some girls).


Inside-Out Boy consists only five episodes shown below:

  • Library
  • Science Fair
  • MC Mallet
  • Prison
  • Girls

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