Happy the Chao
Species Chao
First Appearance "Goodbye, Mrs. Chao"
Latest Appearance "Pac-Man and the Ghost Fighters"
Affiliation(s) Maxie the Leopard

Happy was the former pet Chao of Maxie's. As Maxie never managed to have a daughter of his own, he wound up getting Happy, whom he treated like a daughter as best he could. Happy was apparently fond of piggyback rides, and at some point developed a fear of horseback riding, a pastime of Maxie's. Happy was ultimately killed when Sonic fed him too much. However, Sonic succeeded in fooling Maxie with a substitute Chao, who secretly became the new Happy.

History Edit

Babysitters Edit

In Sonic's World comic "Goodbye, Mrs. Chao", Maxie brought Happy to Sonic's House, where he tried to convince Knuckles to look after him while he went horseback riding. When Knuckles admitted that he didn't know much about Chao, Maxie turned to Sonic, who agreed to look after Happy solely because he asked him to, and not because he knew what she was doing.

When Maxie left, Sonic started talking to Happy, telling him that he couldn't have a piggyback ride because Maxie discouraged her. Thinking that Happy was hungry, Sonic put a lot of food into her mouth, despite the fact that Tails tried to stop him.

The big food hurt Happy's stomach, and resulted in her death by vomiting. Sonic panicked over how they would approach Maxie about Happy's death, until Tails came up with the idea of fooling him with a wild Chao from a Chao Garden. Sonic turned to Amy, and asked her to find a replacement pet in the Chao Garden. When Amy presented Sonic with a pink Neutral Chao, Sonic rejected it.

When Maxie came back, Sonic did what he could to hide the truth about Happy from him. Right before Sonic would've confessed, Amy alerted him to a substitute Chao she found. Sonic presented the new Chao to Maxie, and tricked him into thinking that it was Happy. Maxie was so happy to see Happy again, that after Sonic refused to accept payment for his services, he told him and Amy that he'd recommend them as babysitters to all his friends.

A Brief Return Edit

The original Happy briefly turned up again, during the events of "Pac-Man and the Ghostfighters". While Sonic was finding a net for ghosts, he reached his hand in and accidentally pulled out Happy, whom he was surprised to find. Sonic then tossed Happy aside, and went back to what he was doing.