"Fed Up With Luigi" is the episode of second series of the TV series Super Smash Brothers (SatMS), the nineteenth episode of the series altogether.


Luigi is sent to Bowser's lair to obtain a message from Uncle Jake. He is caught by a Robot Master Wave Man but is soon saved by Mario who complains of Luigi's foolishness. Mario asks for the message Uncle Jake left but Luigi reveals he did not obtain it. Mario states that if Luigi is "so cool" he could get back to Netfree alone and runs off. Luigi is seen trembling in fear but is tapped on the back by Mario. Mario holds Luigi in his arms to take him back to Netfree.

Back at Netfree, Kris is teaching Kirby how to shoot Power Busters. Luigi appears and asks Kris to teach him to use Power Busters too. Luigi aimlessly shoots Sonic but Luigi claims he's just jealous. Luigi leaves and eventually finds the Robot Masters. They announce Luigi as their king. Luigi is taken to Wily's lab. Mario, Sonic and the Power Fighters search for Luigi only to find him with Dr. Wily. Luigi refuses to return and announces he has quit from the Freedom Fighters.

Peach asks SUZIE for information on the Robot Masters. SUZIE states that they are a group who eat their king. Luigi is inside a large cage being prepared to be beaten. He complains the Dr. Wily, who appears, puts peppers on him which he hates and releases from the cage. Mario appears and saves Luigi from Wily. Charge Man sneaks up on Mario. Luigi shoots Charge Man using the Power Buster technique Kris gave him and they escape.

Luigi is recounting his tale and shows the shoots Power Busters at Gyro Man. Kris thinks he did good but he insisted on doing better. He attempts to jump and shoot again but falls on Bomberman’s foot. Bomberman, in pain falls over Mario, with Mario commenting: “We should’ve let ‘em get him”.




Mario: I will give you $5 if you let me enjoy the rest of my day, in peace.
Luigi: Okay! (he takes out Mario's wallet)
Mario: Hey, I could have sworn I had $5 in here.
Luigi: I have it, Mario. You gave it to me to leave you alone yesterday. (Mario gets up) Mario, you can have the $5 back. Uncle Jake says...
Mario: I don't care, what our uncle said! I just want... (bangs on the table, and the liquid in his cup spills on him).
Luigi: Coffee rain!
Mario: It's hot choclolate. (walks away)
Luigi: Chocolate rain!


Elec Man: It was a lot worse last year.

Bomberman: (holding Kirby up) Here's Luigi! Can I go home, now?

Luigi: Wha? Huh? Wait, be the king? But what about King Toadstool?

Sonic: He's showing Luigi how a Power Buster works?

SSF: (freakliy) Klasky-Csupo! (two blocks covers its face) Aiyiyiyiyi! Honk-honk! Boing!

Child: DiC!


  • The first time Dr. Wily and the Robot Masters from Mega Man 5 appeared in the Super Smash Brothers anime.
  • Luigi and Mario's conservation about money and "chocolate rain" is parodied from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Boat Buddies". This was also parodied in deviantART, SheeztArt and FurAffinity several times.
  • When this episode aired it had the Turner Feature Animation, WB animation, Paramount Television, Viacom Worldvision Enterprises, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Klasky-Csupo, Paws Incorporated, and DiC logos Instead of the Nintendo and 4Kids logos. It might be considered an error on production or broadcast, as these were fixed in 2011, when Nintendo and 4Kids are now listed as the producers of this episode. The reason the incorrect logo was inserted is that the show's closing credits was electronically inserted alongside promos for other programming, followed by the show's closing logos, which were also electronically inserted. When the data was entered for this episode, the wrong logo was programmed in.
    • This also the fourth episode that has the wrong logo. First is "Smash Boom!" with Columbia/Tristar and United Plankton logos. Second is Warped Mario with Fuzzy Logic Door and A.k.a Cartoon logos. Third time is part two of The Ultimate Past with Metro Goldwyn Meyer, Pixar, Hanna-Barbera, and Ruby-Spears Productions. Later was The Cries of Mario with Touchstone Entertainment, Saban Entertainment, Spiffy Pictures, Inc., and WB animation.
  • The first time Bomberman is inflated in the anime, because Peach ususally says "Abra! Kadabra! Hilarious Heliumo!" near him. This is the reference from Bomberman Land Touch! 2.
    • This also the first time Bomberman had puffy cheeks in the anime.
  • Bomberman had just said that male Bomberman species cannot be pregnant. However, the 20th episode of Bomberman Superstar ran, with the revelation that Bomberman is pregnant with a baby girl named Tetsu Bomber.
  • The first time Bomberman holds his breath.

Music IdentificationEdit

  • SM64 Secret Slide - Title card; Mario resting
  • MM2 Crash Man Stage - "I'm not going there until I hold my breath!"
  • FRLG Viridian Forest - Bomberman is inflated.
  • MM5 Dark Man Castle - Wily's Lair is shown.
  • SM64 Bomb-Omb Battlefield - "Coffee rain!"; "Chocolate rain!"
  • The Greatest Things Alive - opening/closing credits music.
  • Klasky-Csupo 1998's soundtrack - The SSF appeared (This was an error; it was corrected in 2011.)