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Pokémon Adventure Pinball

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Pokémon Adventure Pinball

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TheShinyMew comics, Pokémon Blast

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Katie (by Chuchu)


Sun Pokémon








Metreon Island







  • Metallic body

TheShinyMew comics:

  • Sakurai Jolteon (father)
  • Maria Vaporeon (mother)
  • Koji Eevee (brother)



Traveling, nature, reading, peace, and sunbathing, fully flesh-and-blood, and martial arts.


Violence, water, disabling limbs, being robiticised.


Psychic, Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Morning Sun.

Ability type


Espeon "Kate" Merabot (known simply as Kate Merabot in the animated series and initially in Pokémon Adventure) is a character featured prominently in the Pokémon Adventure animated series and Pokémon Blast comic book. She is a female Espeon Pokémon, given cybernetic parts after being partially roboticized by Dr. Mutou. In both the show and the comic, Kate is a member of the "Mega Fighters" dedicated to combating the evil Dr. Mutou. She speaks with a Southern accent, and shows her affection with slang like "Honey'" or "Sugar".

Kate is a purple Espeon with with her torso that are robotic, leaving the upper chest and shoulder exposed.

She is partially roboticized: both legs, her tail, her left arm, and shoulder are all robotic, because Dr. Mutou tried to turn her into a robot but she was then saved by Chuchu. In the anime and in early issues of the comic, her parts were primitive-looking, as was Dr. Mutou's technology; a later upgrade gave her a more 'natural' shape. She originally had a blue stomach, but over time it transitioned into becoming a blue leotard. It has been confirmed by editors that her torso is also roboticized. Kate was shown to have a white stomach in an alternate future timeline, where she is de-roboticized. The normal Espeon doesn't have these body features.

She's is more indigo than purple in the comic version. Sometimes, she can be seen wearing a headband. Kate was also depicted wearing an outfit reminiscent of a Gym Leader Misty, while attending Internation County High School.


Kate was not always half robot. She was a fully flesh-and-blood Pokémon until she was captured by Dr. Mutou in her early teens. While still in the active roboticizer she was rescued by Chuchu the Pikachu and Ryu the Dragonair whom brought her back to Internation. Despite her obvious physical scars, she displayed her tremendous strength and quickly became one of the Mega Fighters' best members.


Kate is a kind, gentle and considerate person with a lot of integrity. She's extremely optimistic given her condition and displays a soft, feminine charm. Despite this, she has a surprisingly tomboyish streak in that she isn't afraid to work up a sweat or get dirty.


Kate has immense strength in artificial limbs, telescopic extending limbs, flight via rocket boosters (in feet), laser cannon in left arm, and martial arts skills. She also has the Syncronize ability.


She's prone to typical robotic weaknesses and disabling her limbs would basically render her helpless. And being half robot means she can't swim.

Pokémon Adventure (TV Series)Edit

Kate Merabot is a member of the Internation Mega Fighters. Little is revealed about her past, other than she had been friends with the other team members since childhood. The series does not detail how or when Kate became partially roboticized although an unused storyboard from the series indicates that such an origin was originally in the works. Her voice was originally unknown.

Kate is seen only twice in her un-roboticized form during the TV series; in the episode "Super Conversion" a de-roboticizer is tested on her and is successful, although the effects are only temporary, and she returns to her previous state later in the same episode. The two-part episode "Blasted Past" features Kate as a child, prior to her transformation. Chuchu time travels back in time, and rescues Kate from being turned into a robot earlier in history. Although his efforts ensure that the Mega Fighters still exist in the present, Kate remains half-roboticized.

Kate's main asset was the tremendous strength afforded by her robotic limbs. Although her metal half works flawlessly for the most part, in the episode "Cool Chuchu", the telescoping ability of her legs (referred to as 'leg ladders' and 'ladder legs') cause her problems several times. In "Chuchu and Ally", her robotic arm malfunctions at one point; when Alline the Butterfree tries to help her up, she accidentally pulls her robotic arm off at the shoulder (this scene is edited out of the syndicated version of this episode, although it is included in the 2010 DVD release).

TheShinyMew ComicsEdit

Kate co-starred with Chuchu in "Enemy Yours", but the story did not suit her strengths, instead being a tale about deception and mystery. In it, Kate accompanies Chuchu when he sneaks out to Metropolis to try to save the humans that Mutou had tricked into going there, only to find them living comfortably in the city, much to Chuchu and Kate's puzzlement. She and Chuchu then come upon a maddened Kangaskan fighting Lucario in the Hidden Forest. Chuchu forces Kate to return to Internation, fearing she might get hurt when the two get caught up in the feud.

In "Cat Fight!", Kate had her own story: a 'duel' versus Maria the Purugly. Although the fight started when Maria mistook Kate for a Robot Master, the fight became personal as the two duked it out in the ruins of New Metropolis (a post-apocalyptic version of New York City). Eventually Chuchu stepped in and broke it up.

Kate also set to appear in many Pokémon Blast comics.

In Hacked and Fan GamesEdit

Like the other TV show and comic characters, Kate does not appear in any of the games as a regular character, but she makes a cameo appearance in the Trapped Alive bonus stage of Pokémon Adventure Pinball.

Kate was intended to be a playable character in the planned SNES game Pocket Monsters X, which would incorporate characters and elements from the Pokémonn Adventures TV series. However, when the project was changed to Pokémon Revolution (which was later cancelled), Kate, along with the other TV show elements, was dropped from the game.

Kate's Beta-VersionEdit

Issue 2 of the original 4-issue mini-series featured a splash page artwork of the Mega Fighters battling Dr. Mutou's robots, with Kate already included in their ranks. But her coloring scheme and overall design was different from both her PATV counterpart and her future appearance in the comic. This page (along with every other filler page: most of them non-canonical gag panels) was not reproduced in the Pokémon Beginning trade paperback.