Welcome aboard to Crystal's Imagination World, formerly known as Super Jump Punch Fanon as well as Kris' Video Game Fandom.

I'm Crystal! I have an autism-spectrum disorder and I live in the small town of Asher, Kentucky, United States. You can imagine your own media that is related to the originals, Nintendo and other companies, for your fandom creation. Of course, almost all my articles are fake. You will know what causes me to change it is to making the ideals. I have an imagination world in my brain and I can post a picture of something that I imagined. Enjoy! I also stole things from other wikias, such as Bulbapedia as well as the HTF wiki. Don't get me started!

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Who wants a Lugia?
Artistic Lugia

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If you see a wild Pokémon, what would you do?

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