Template:TCGTypes The Colorless-type is one of the nine TCG elemental types.

Containing a wide range of Pokémon, the Colorless-type covers from the very weakest of Pokémon, such as Rattata, to among the strongest, such as Rayquaza. Pokémon which are of the {{Normal}}-, {{Dragon}}-, and Flying-types in the main series games become Colorless-type in the TCG.

Colorless can be seen as the "neutral" type, as attacks with an Energy cost listed with Colorless Energy may use any of the other eight types of Energy to count for that Colorless. Due to this, unlike the other eight, there is no Basic Energy card associated with Colorless— all cards providing only Colorless Energy also provide some other effect, or provide multiple Energy units, aside from React Energy.

Battle propertiesEdit

Generally, Colorless Pokémon have a weakness to:

These types are generally weak to Colorless Pokémon:

  • Colorless (if the Pokémon was a Dragon-type in the games)

These types are generally resistant to Colorless Pokémon:

Generally, Colorless Pokémon have a resistance to:

Colorless Pokémon in the TCGEdit

See Category:Colorless-type Pokémon cards for all Pokémon cards that have this type.