Lance the White Bomberman (real name)
First appearance

Bomberman (1983), Super Smash Brothers, Super Jump Punch! comics #3

Appears in
(other media)

Super Smash Brothers, Super Jump Punch! comics


Hudson Soft

Voice actor(s)

Lani Minella
Sheryl Stanley

Voice actor(s)

Kazuko Sugiyama
Tomoko Kaneda

Also known as

Cheerful White








25 lbs.


Bomber Town




Tan on the face


Black (in games)
Brown (in Jetters)


Blue torso, black belt, white helmet, pink gloves and shoes, antenna


Maria White (mother)
Jaden Black (father)
Black Bomber (brother)
Mighty White (brother)
Jack Black (brother)
Tetsu Bomber (daughter)




Mario, Sonic, Peach, his parents, Mighty, Pretty Bomber, Louie


Being inflated, Bowser, Dr. Eggman, Bagular, Mujoe, the Hige-Hige bandits, being sick and vomit



Bomberman is the main protagonist of the Bomberman Series. He is a member of the Bomberman species, which are usually inhabitants of Planet Bomber. Like all Bombermen, he has the ability to generate bombs in his hands. There are many incarnations of him represented in the different games of the series, which usually don't keep a constant description of the character. He is usually portrayed as the heroic yet cheerful type, often saving his home planet from disaster.

He is sometimes referred to as "White Bomber", "Cheerful White" (in the Bomberman Land series), "Bomber John" (in Bomberman Touch), "Lance" (in fanfictions and artwork), and (in Japan) Shirobon.


The games are set in another universe, in a galaxy known as the Bomber Nebula, on Planet Bomber. In Bomberman: Act Zero, Bomber Planet has an underground bomb factory where robots called "Bombermen" make bombs. There is a challenge to see who is the best Bomberman in the factory in a survival of the fittest.

The character's origins are rarely touched upon, but it's generally agreed starting with the PC-Engine Bomberman that Bomberman is the first robot of his kind. The older NES game begins with "Bomberman" (the eponymous character of the game) growing bored of making bombs in the underground factory of the Bungeling Empire, and after hearing a rumor that robots reaching the surface become human, he decides to escape. When he does, he becomes human. However, this version ties into Lode Runner. The original MSX game had no real storyline.

This storyline was discontinued (outside of possibly Bomberman: Act Zero). In the Turbografx-16 game, Bomberman is instead the first robot of his kind created by Dr. Mitsumori to be a defender of justice. Despite being a prototype, he accepts this role.

The main character is first given the name "White Bomber" in Bomberman II, where he joins the intergalactic police force stationed at Bomber Base, on Planet Bomber, to help protect the galaxy. This has been elaborated upon in later games, where a friendly figure named Dr. Ein directs Bomberman's objectives

Unlike many video game series, there is no (or some) single recurring main antagonist. However, the white Bomberman tends to form alliances with some of his rivals, like he did with his brother Black Bomber.


Whatever Happened to Bomberman

White Bomber, as appears in Bomberman Jetters.

He has featured in four anime series, Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden, Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden Victory (they are based on the marble shooting game Battle B-Daman), Bomberman Jetters, and Super Smash Brothers (TV series). Each of these introduced their own characters, and different takes on the series. In the Super Smash Brothers TV series, White Bomber's appearance looks extremely the same as he was in the classic games.

Super Smash Brothers (SatMS)Edit

According to the anime, White Bomber is one of the only Bombermen left on the planet Mubix due to mass-roboticization of the species by the evil Doctor Eggman. He is part of a special class of Bombermen, known as a "protector", and has bomb-throwing abilities beyond those of normal Bombermen. White Bomber is one of the most powerful Power Fighters next to Mario and Sonic. However, due to his inexperience, he often does a poor job when it comes to messes up something he touches. He occasionally gets disoriented, thinking that he's talking to his "dad" Jaden Black, is claustrophobic, and likes the color white and also likes chocolate.


In the Super Jump Punch!'s Super Smash Brothers comics, Bomberman's role is differed slightly. Rather than being an orphaned Bomberman, White Bomber was one of a number that escaped roboticization under the leadership of an elder named Bomber Sage. Originally, he lived with his parents Maria White and Jaden Black in a peaceful Bomberman colony, where he was born. However, Dr. Wily's Robot Masters invaded his home at a young age. Many of the Bombermen that inhabited the once-peaceful were roboticized, including White Bomber's own parents. However, he escaped to a lost Bomberman city known as Bomber Town. In fear of facing the same fate of roboticization, he took refuge at the colony until a thought-of escape prompted him to sneak out.

A new Power FighterEdit

Bomberman met the Power Fighters after sneaking out of Bomber Town. He spent time running around the outside world, until he came across the unlikely scene of Mario and Sonic being attacked by the Robot Masters. He destroyed the Robot Masters and the grateful pair offered him a spot in the Power Fighters, a group rebelling against the evil Bowser and Dr. Eggman. Afterward, he aided the Power Fighters on various missions before returning to Bomber Town. Bomberman also helped to clear Mario's record as a criminal when he was accused of killing Peach. He told Sonic, Mega Man, and Kirby was forced to stop chasing Mario, as Bombermen can never tell lies.


  • White Bomber was recently inflated many times in artwork, some in games, and rarely in the anime or comics.
  • Bomberman was featured in the McDonald's commercial along with Mario, Mega Man, Sonic, Lugia, Ho-Oh, etc.
  • According to an interview with Hudson Soft, Mario, Sonic, Bomberman and the Power Fighters go to McDonalds and eat Happy Meals after saving the world. Although this could have been an endorsement for McDonalds that McDonalds intended.
  • Bomberman's cameos mostly appear in Hudson Soft games.
  • Bomberman has made a playable cameo appearance in the Mario's Christmas bonus event Super Bomberman Masters. This was also Bomberman's true appearance.
  • Bomberman was introduced in a different generation than Mario.
  • In Super Mario: The Mystery of HeartGold and SoulSilver, Bomberman gets sick in bed and started vomiting for the first time.
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